Woodard’s Teaching and Learning Professional Development Programme led by Wren Academy


Engagement, enjoyment and rapid progress

Development Programmes:

  • Senior Leaders – Strategic leadership of teaching and learning
  • Middle Leaders – Leading effective teaching and learning
  • Teachers –
    How to become a consistently outstanding teacher
    How to become a consistently good teacher
  • Bespoke consultancy services to develop any aspect of teaching and learning in your school
  • Workshops and conferences
  • Resources, articles and ideas shared in a teaching and learning portal

Wren Academy is an outstanding school with an exceptional national reputation for the quality of its teaching and learning provision. Wren has focussed upon developing young people’s learning capacity to create an environment where students are independent, reflective and enthusiastic. Our most recent Ofsted inspection described teaching at Wren as ‘stunning’ and the behaviour of students as ‘impeccable’.

Wren’s approach to teaching and learning has had a direct and significant impact upon academic progress at the school. Indeed, we believe a student centred approach to learning and rapid academic progress to be indivisible. Wren is in the top 100 state schools in the country for both academic attainment and value added. We also achieve outstanding progress with all groups of students.

At Wren, we have considerable experience of sharing our experience with colleagues in other schools. This collaboration is always bespoke as we realise that all schools have their own particular needs and aspirations. We want to work with our Woodard partners to develop teaching and learning provision and enhance progress across the Woodard family.’