Woodard Langalanga Secondary School

The Birthday Gift

In 2011, as part of the commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the birth of its Founder, that great educational pioneer and builder of schools, Canon Nathaniel Woodard, the Woodard schools and wider community raised £250,000 to build two-thirds of the Woodard Langalanga Secondary School in Gilgil, Kenya.  The remaining £132,000 was raised by KST’s supporters  The first intake of 14 year old pupils arrived in 2012 and the school is now nearly full with 453 pupils being influenced by the Woodard ethos.  Two cohorts have completed their all-important Kenya Certificate of Secondary School (KCSE) exams.  The third cohort will sit their exams in November and December 2017.

The total annual output of pupils leaving primary education each year in the area of the Woodard Langalanga Secondary School is some 270 children. An estimated 50-60 go to distant and expensive secondary boarding schools if their parents can afford to send them. The remainder, about 210 children, would drop out of education at primary level but for the low-cost alternative of places offered by the three day secondary schools.  The Woodard school is one of them.   The fees are controlled by the government at approximately £160 per annum.  This includes uniform and a subsistence meal every day.  Pupils are selected on merit by the government, based on the results of the Kenyan Primary School exams.  Woodard Langalanga Secondary School is told which pupils will be required to be offered vacancies.

Kariandusi School Trust (KST)

The school was built by a UK charity, the Kariandusi School Trust (KST). The Trust has vast experience of building primary schools in Kenya and is a charity registered by the Charity Commissioners of England and Wales (Registered No. 1101103). Details of the Trust’s past successes may be viewed on its website at www.kariandusi.co.uk

KST is the brainchild of Colonel Harry Vialou Clark MBE, a retired army officer who was born in Kenya. Over the years Harry, with the support and help of his wife, Alison, and like-minded trustees, has built 16 primary schools and five nursery schools in and around the shanty town of Langalanga which is some two hours north of Nairobi.

KST’s sister charity, the Langalanga Scholarship Fund, also founded and run by Harry, provides scholarships for the ablest children from the poorest homes to go on to tertiary education. For more information about the Langalanga Scholarship Fund please click here.

What next?

Donations are still gratefully received and are used on projects not included in the original plan.  Some donations provide bursaries to promising pupils with desperately poor parents; £160 per year provides four bursaries of £40 which cover 25% of the first year’s fees.   Other donations go towards ‘activities’ such as the President’s Award Scheme (similar to our Duke of Edinburgh Scheme); participation in national music festivals; provision of essential syllabus text books, revision books and sports competitions.  Some of these activities have a very small allocation in the government budget.  Unless help from parents and well-wishers is forthcoming, the children are denied participation.

If you would like to support this wonderful project there are two ways to make a donation:

A specific “Woodard” Charities Aid Foundation bank account has been set up.  The details are, CAF Bank (Charities Aid Foundation), Account name: Kariandusi School Trust KST Woodard Account, Account No.  00095977, sort code 40-52-40 which will allow funds to be paid in directly either in person or on-line.  All donations paid in directly to the bank account should be notified by email to Colonel Harry Vialou Clark – vialouclark@btinternet.com

By sending a cheque made payable to Kariandusi School Trust, to Colonel H E Vialou Clark MBE at Folly Cottage, Penton Mewsey, Andover, SP11 0RQ.  If your donation is specifically for the Woodard Langalanga Secondary School, please let Colonel Vialou Clark know.

Click here to download a Gift Aid form, if required.